Sunday, May 22, 2011

McDo's Groovy Commercial 2011

Konte na lang ang memory ko, sino ka nga?
One of the famous lines of the new McDonald's commercial. After the popular BF/GF commercial (involved kids, which was stopped by CBCP) of McDonald's, there comes this new cool commercial. This is about the three old men. Two of then are talking about the people around them and comparing it from their time. It started with the young man who is wearing a checkered polo, then with a hat, and the three people who are drinking coffee. Then, the third old man came with three "McFloats". The other old man say, "uy, nanglibre si kulot". The last part involved an IPad, the other old man said, "uy, ang daming bagong apps ngayon ah." It was ended with the qouted line above.

The commercial typifies the friendship that never faded until they reached their old age. It gives us the idea of a strong friendship which was bound by McDo.

Perfect! Another best commercial of Mcdo. Great idea! Definitely, "LOVE KO TO!" :)


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Now this one is better...

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