Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Modern Dance on Google Doodle

The default webpage of my Google Chrome is the Google's webpage. And everytime I load my browser, and see a different Google logo, I check what Google is celebrating. And today, May 11, 2011, I became curious to the animated logo of Google. It's cute. I found out that Google is celebrating the 117th birthday of Martha Graham, the mother of the modern dance. This is the third doodle of Google for the month. This is how Google home page is looked like:

While browing the result of Martha Graham, when you clicked the logo, I saw a link that contains a video of this with background music. You may check, "Google Doodle celebrates mother of modern dance Martha Graham's 117th birthday". I have found 2 versions of the video with background music from youtube.  

The creator of this art is Ryan Woodward, you may visit his site at However, I've read his tweet just now, saying that the Doodle's traffic crashed his websites. Great work Ryan Woodward! :) I definitely visit again your website when it already backs to normal. :)

This work is really amazing.


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