Thursday, March 31, 2011

My X-Mini


Influenced by an officemate, I've bought this portable speaker from one of the stores in Cyberzone Megamall last March 30. 5th Ave, the store where I bought this speaker, sells this at Php2,650.00, but they have 10% off for a cash basis. So I got this speaker at Php2,385.00. Power Mac Megamall offers this at Php2,500.00, the other store sells this at Php2,499.00. We also found a Php2,300.00 in one of the stores in Robinson's Pioneer but they only have the black one.

Though the cable connection of this capsule speaker is a bit messy, X-Mini Max II offers high quality sound. This is  ultraportable and innovative. It is a dual speaker that can be put together like a capsule. This is great for ipods and mp3 players.

X-Mini Max II Features:
- New, larger 40mm driver delivers precise highs for superb sound quality
- Playback time tripled up to 12 hours for longer, superior on-the-go audio
- Angled drivers provide directional audio output that enhances the sound experience
- Award-winning compact capsule design
- Modular 'Buddy-Jack' design: connect a row of X-Minis to get jaw-dropping audio
- Expanded BXS (Bass Xpansion System) drives a fuller, richer low-end response

More pictures:

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Break Even by Maddi Jane

Break Even is one of my favorite The Script songs. While browsing facebook, one of my friends shared a link for a music video of Break Even, but performed by Maddi Jane, an 11-year old YouTube's newest singer, songwriter, and record artist. Her rendition of this song is superb. 

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CDO on my Birthday

I will celebrate my birthday in CDO! My boyfriend and I already booked a cdo trip on July. Thanks to Cebu Pacific's piso fare promo. This time, we will be exploring my honey's hometown; the first time we went to this place, we just spent the days at Camiguin. And now is the time to explore Cagayan De Oro: the white water rafting, the zipzone at Dahilayan, etc.

Happiness! :)
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Cebu-Bohol Adventure of SEO Devs and Friends

Last year, we had booked a piso fare flight to Cebu for March 12 - 15, 2011. It's my 3rd time in Cebu but this time, I enjoyed more because we're not just stayed at SM Cebu or Ayala Center. :D And this time, we have Bohol trip. I'll blog my first 2 trips to Cebu on separate entries. 
Around 9:30PM of March 12, we had flown from Manila to Cebu. We reached Mactan International Airport at around 11:00PM. 

First stop: Basilica of Santo Niño. Luckily, we attended the English Mass. On my first 2 visits, I always attended the Cebuano Mass because my companions are all Bisaya. :D
Basilica of Santo Niño, Cebu City
We took some pictures at Magellan's Cross.
Magellan's Cross, Cebu City
Magellan's Cross, Cebu City

And this is Mark, my boyfriend, walking no where. Hahaha. He's our tour guide. He's not really from Cebu; He took his college degree at University of San Carlos.
 Then, we went to Fort San Pedro, the oldest and smallest fort in the Philippines.
Fort San Pedro, Cebu City
Fort San Pedro, Cebu City
Fort San Pedro, Cebu City
History of Fort San Pedro, Cebu City
 Took some group pictures.
 There is a boquet of kalatsutsi flowers at the entrance of the fort.
 A cheesy picture with the bf. :P
 Picture Addicts...

Emote kung emote...
 We also visited the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.
Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
 And then to Taoist Temple.
Taoist Temple

Taoist Temple
 The ladies...
 The gentlemen and not so gay... 
 The view from the top of Taoist Temple...
 I had my picture here from my first visit, but I still had my picture again...
We took a rest after and then we headed to Crown Regency Hotel for the Skywalk. 
Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu City
We paid Php550.00 each for the Skywalk alone. This is my second in Crown Regency. I had the Skywalk and Edge Coaster on my first time here. But now, we decided to avail Skywalk only. My boyfriend is coward to experience this so he paid Php250.00 for sight-seeing only. Too expensive, duh?

This is the top of the hotel, where there are giant telescopes and binoculars that you need to put a 10-peso coin to use and have a glimpse of the city.
 I'm ready to survive the skywalk again. :)
 This time, I was not alone walking on the sky. I already have my friends to experience Skywalk, and we were ready to face the challenge.
 Ready to take off...
 Having fun up there... Good thing, Mark is there to take some pictures because we need to pay Php230.00 for each picture. This is too much, yeah... The first time I went here, I just paid Php230.00 for a cd containing all the pictures. But they don't offer this anymore. so if we have 10 pictures, we need to pay Php2230.00. Tsk tsk tsk... 
 And yes, we all survived the Skywalk, shouting and posing to camera. :D
We had our dinner at Larsian sa Fuente, where the foods are superb.
Larsian Sa Fuente

We are all attentive to the stories of Ate Tata, our Bohol tour guide.
 First stop is the Chocolate Hills at Carmen, Bohol. It was raining when we reached Bohol but nothing and no one can stop us. :D
Chocolate Hills, Carmen, Bohol
We tasted a Bohol delicacy named "Alupi" (asukar, lubi, pilit).
 And then, the Loboc-Bilar Man-made Forest.
Loboc-Bilar Man-made Forest, Bohol
 Mga Dyosa ng Kagubatan. :D
 Another cheesy pic. :P
 The Edward and Bella of USAP. Hahaha.
 And the wild cat at the forest.
Then we went to Rio Verde Tarsier Place. This is my first time to see tarsiers.

 There are also flying lemurs and other creatures...
 ...And souvenirs.
At last, it's lunch time! It's at Rio Verde Floating Resto.
The floating restaurant stopped at Ati Tribe, these are the natives of Bohol.
 They mingled with the tourist to take pictures with their exotic talents.
 And we met Bianca, a very cute little girl who poses with the tourists for some pictures. I'm so sad that they need to do all of these to live especially the young ones.
Our itinerary also inlcudes the Bolo making.
 We also visited Prony, the biggest python in captivity. The python is also known as "Live Anaconda of Bohol, a female python owned and named after Mr. Sofronio Salibay.
 And the one beside me is Marimar, Prony's bodyguard.
 There are also souvenirs here.
 Next stop is the Baclayon Church. This is the second oldest stone church in the Philippines. 
 We also stopped to a Souvenir Shop.
 Then the Blood Compact Monument or Sandugo. Last March 16, 1565, Spanish explorer, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, the chieftain of Cebu, had their blood compact to seal their friendships as part of the tribal tradition.
 The day has ended at Bohol Bee Farm where we can buy the most delicious Malunggay ice cream and other flavors like Avocado and Mango. 
 We can also buy honey,  different flavors of spread, spices, and other souvenirs here.
 We spent the following day at Panglao Beach Resort before we went back to Cebu.
 And then tired going back to Cebu riding the OceanJet, a ferry with free wifi onboard. 
 We had so much fun with our travel though it was "bitin"

The pictures say it all. Until next time. :)

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