Friday, May 20, 2011

First Time at Tony & Jackey, Korean Experience at the Metro

Last May 14, my boyfriend and I went to Tony & Jackey, a salon which is famous for Korean hairstyling. This has many branches around the Philippines. Check it out at We went to Buendia, Makati branch, at the Burgundy Corporate Tower (West of Ayala Building).

The original plan is to have my haircut only, but they offered me a haircut with hair treatment that costs Php1,000.00. I think they always have that promo. Anyway, my Korean hairstylist is Andrew. He curled my hair temporarily and told me to try it permanent next time. I definitely liked my wavy hair, but it only lasts in a day. Hehehe. Maybe I'll try it someday. Moving forward, after the treatment, I felt the softness of my hair, but after few days, it seems that it's becoming more dry. I want to have my long black hair again. Oh stress, what have you done to me?

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