Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunrise from my New Window

Ok, that's it. I already moved out last Feb 13. I told my Nanay and Ate that I will try a sideline job and I need a nearer place from my office to do it. But the real reason why I moved out is I want to experience a life independently. 

And now, here it is, a very different life. My Nanay is not there to wash my clothes, to wash my used plates, mugs, etc, to get my towel after I took a bath, to clean my used cotton buds, etc. But it is fulfilling. 

I survived my first week, and I will survive the coming weeks, months, and years. :) It's a good thing that I don't need to wake up at 4am everyday. And God has a bonus for me: I always see the sunrise from my window, reminding me how beautiful life is.

I prefer I'm alone to my room so that I could not disturb anyone and I can do what I want. I used to wake up early and turn the lights on whenever I'm awake; I might disturb her when that happen. However, my room is for 2 persons so there might be a time that another one will occupy it. Maybe I'll just go through with it, and find another one if it does not work. :)


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