Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Batangas: Last Jaunt for 2011

Last Dec 3 and 4, my sister (Ate Lily), my sister's friends (Irene, Auberry, Kenneth and Leanne), my boyfriend (Mark), and I went to Batangas for an adventure.
First stop is the Residencia de Riego and Resort located in the town of Alitagtag, Batangas. The facilities and views are good, very relaxing and attractive. However, we just noticed that the service is poor especially in their restaurant. The server is not polite, he will keep you waiting at the counter and if he saw you, he will act like he doesn't see you. That's the only problem in this place. 

Instead of talking the poor service, let's highlight the good side of this resort. Facilities are good and has nice ambience. They have their restaurant and bar.
 Each room has a ref, tv, air conditiong unit, ceiling fans, hot and cold shower, and a good room-ambience for those who want to have a good sleep.
 The outside view in the morning: the breath-taking beauty of the surroundings...

 The recreation areas, where you can play darts, billiards, and sing in their videoke.

This resort is famous on its 12 color-logic lights swimming pools. You will be delighted with the changing colors of the pools.
The following day, we headed to Cuenca, Batangas. From my Auntie's house, we've walked for about 30 minutes going to what they call, "Sablay".
When we reached "Sablay", we did not wait any minute to take the pictures of the beauty of the Mother Nature. From there, you may see the splendid beauty of Mt. Makulot and the Taal Lake.
All in all, the trip was fun. Mark and I met a new circle of friends. This will be the last for the year. And another enjoyable journeys for the coming years. :)


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