Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday Adventure at CDO, Bukidnon, and Iligan - Day 4

11th of July, our last day in Cagayan De Oro. We didn't go anywhere, we just stayed at Mark's home, and waited until 12noon. But before that, we took some pictures of their dogs. The labrador is named as Red (female), while the terrier is Jap-Jap (male). The name of the terrier reminds me of my Pancake, Jap. Hahaha. Peace! :D
 We also took some pictures beside their Clinic, wearing our CDO shirts from Island Tour.
 And then we bid goodbye to CDO, until next time. I might be part of it soon. :D
Thanks to Mark's family for accepting me to their house. To Mark's friends, Teo, Victor, and Ken for the Iligan trip. And most especially to my dearest boyfriend, Mark. Next trip, HongKong. :D


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