Friday, April 6, 2012

Boracay Island: Our First Summer Adventure for 2012

Boracay is an island in the Philippines at the western part of Visayas. This is one of the favorite tourist beach destination because of its finest, white, powdery-like sand and lovely blue ocean.

Boracay Island
Boracay Island
Kalibo Internation Airport
Photo taken by Marvin Aguilar

My friends (Mark - the bf, Francine, Arlyn, Donna, Marvin, Karen, Jet, Bryan, Anne, and Dan) and I went to Boracay last March 12 to 15. Through Cebu Pacific Airlines, we reached Kalibo International Airport.

Kalibo Internation Airport

Photo taken by Marvin Aguilar

We then rented a van for Php250.00 each (boat is included). But before going to Caticlan port, we stopped at Marianing Superstore to buy some water and food.

Marianing Superstore

At the port, we paid another Php250.00 for port and enviromental fee.

When we reached Boracay, we rented a multicab for Php250.00 going to Station 2.

The tour was tiring but we're sure all of these will be paid off.

This is my first time in Boracay. Though I was disappointed with the green moss (algae) that can be found everywhere, we still enjoyed our stay here.

Green Algae in Boracay 

Boracay is a place where you may see a lot of foreigners from different part of the world.

We booked our accommodation at Bamboo Resort through Golets. The resort is just in front of beach at Station 2, just walk away from La Carmela Beach Resort. We paid Php6,200.00 per night for 11 persons. For this amount, we have 2 air-conditioned rooms with personal refrigerator and shower heater. The resort has its own bar and restaurant and offers a buffet dinner. This is also a Wi-Fi Access Zone.

Boracay is also well-known for its beautiful sunset. I admire the beauty of sunset here. No day has been passed that I didn't take a glimpse of it.
Sunset in Boracay
Sunset in Boracay

Every second of our stay here is worth of a good memory. Every smile is worth of good friendship and experience that can't be bought anywhere.

This is time and place when and where we developed a true friendship and found our true self.

March 13, it's Arlyn's Birthday and we celebrated her special day here in Boracay. And oh yes, we were here for her birthday. :)

There were French and Swedish friends that approached us and sang a birthday song in their language for her, a memorable birthday celebration of our dear friend.

There are also lots of activities / adventures that you may enjoy here: helmet diving, flying fish, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, zorb ball, atv and many more.

Here's a video clip of our ATV fun ride:

 And here's a video clip of our helmet diving:
CD of our pictures and videos - Helmet Diving
 When you say Boracay, your stay here will not be completed without watching the fire dancers and having a picture with them.
 ...And he is our favorite fire dancer. :D

Boracay's night life is known for bar hopping and different parties. And therefore the group experienced this also:

Picture taken by Marvin Aguilar
Picture taken by Marvin Aguilar
There are also lots of restaurants in Boracay, but most of them are expensive. But there are also restaurants that are priced just enough.
Kaeseke Seafood Restaurant - Boracay
Kaeseke Seafood Restaurant
There are also stalls that offer drinks and refreshments, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic like the famous Loco Frio.
 Loco Frio - Boracay 

When you are in a beach, henna tatooing and hair braiding is always part of it.
Francine's Dragon Tatoo
Donna's Tinkerbell

Francine's Girly Thing
Arlyn's Rosary

We will back here if given anoher chance. Stress-free and relaxing place, all we can say in Boracay.
Enjoying the ATV
With the BF
With the French Guys
The Grotto

The Magnum Ladies

The Magnum Ladies and Itay
Boracay's Products
The Regency Hotel - Boracay
The Regency Hotel
Thanks Boracay!
 Most of the photos were taken by me and my BF, Mark. Others are taken by my friend Marvin. The last photo was taken from Anne's camera.


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